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Basement Tracks

by Lucky Dog

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Crickets are chirpin' the water is high There's a soft cotton dress on the line hangin' dry Window wide open African trees Bent over backwards from a hurricane breeze Not a word of goodbye not even a note She gone with the man in the long black coat Somebody seen him hangin' around At the old dance hall on the outskirts of town He looked into her eyes when she stopped him to ask If he wanted to dance he had a face like a mask Somebody said from the bible he'd quote There was dust on the man in the long black coat Preacher was talking there's a sermon he gave He said every man's conscience is vile and depraved You cannot depend on it to be your guide When it's you who must keep it satisfied It ain't easy to swallow it sticks in the throat She gave her heart to the man in the long black coat There are no mistakes in life some people say It is true sometimes you can see it that way But people don't live or die people just float She went with the man in the long black coat There's smoke on the water it's been there since June Tree trunks uprooted beneath the high crescent moon Feel the pulse and vibration and the rumbling force Somebody is out there beating on a dead horse She never said nothing there was nothing she wrote She gone with the man in the long black coat Written by Bob Dylan Cover license through Easy Song Licensing.
I'm crossing the line tonight
I 'm stepping over that line 
I'm crossing the line tonight 
if only in my mind 

I'm taking you with me
 along for this slow ride
 I've waited long enough
 I will not be denied

 The line grew more blurry
 the closer that I got
 you might think I'm frightened
 but tonight I am not


 I got tired of waiting
 alone and afraid 
I've listened from a distance
 to every serenade

 The line kept moving
 the fence kept getting higher
 but I'm going over the wall
 to get what I desire


 So hold my hand tighter 
we'll make a run for the border
 on the other side life will make sense 
life will be in order

 I'm crossing the line tonight
 but I'm not crossing alone 
a couple more steps
 into the unknown (c) 2007 Rose Riversongs Dave Schipper
When you’re staring at your morning face And your friends all hate the human race There are a few that you wouldn’t erase They make you feel you’re loved VI chords Evening traffic and the likes appear So does that stalker that you sometimes fear He’d like to hold you for 1 million years And all your pics he loves I know you haven’t made your mind up yet Your event list a mile long Click going when your mind is set And hope your friends all come along VI chords You’ve been tagged so much you’re feeling bruised You wake each day to your timeline news And reminded what you used to do And see that you are loved Chorus chords The storms are raging over gun control And all the Me toos in between When you need reprieve and lol You check a dweeby friend. VI chords He can make you happy, make you laugh a few There is nothing he wouldn’t do Go and find a meme just for you To make you feel you’re loved Go and find a meme just for you To make you feel you’re loved. parody by Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs
by Bob Dylan licensed through Easy Song Licensing.
Written by Natalie Gelman & Charlie Midnight.
Written by Tom Waits cover licensing through Easy Song Licensing
Crazy Enough 03:17
I heard them laughing, at the sun’s setting Young girls giggling before the dawn of day. Now they are sobbing on green grass a growing The flowers of the forest are laying to rest. Once they had futures, and love a waiting. Fathers and Mothers, a life to enjoy. Then came the call, a service to them all. A noble cause written, they stood tall and proud. I heard them laughing, at the sun’s setting Young girls giggling before the dawn of day. Now they are sobbing on green grass a growing The flowers of the forest are laying to rest. Midnight songs a playing, shots and beer flowing Smiles all a plenty, til the night is done. Xcept for the lady, the moon cold and lonely Thoughts of her flower, are growing inside. Justice for the lowly, help for the helpless. Brothers and sisters, a hand to them all. Now there is silence, though debate rages loudly These flowers of the forest, victims to the gall. I heard them laughing, at the sun’s setting Young girls giggling before the dawn of day. Now they are sobbing on green grass a growing The flowers of the forest are laying to rest. A traditional song rephrased and rethought for today by Dave Schipper ©2008 Rose Riversongs
The story of Romeo and Juliet just ain’t true. Lies perpetuated to give false hope to a few. Opposites may be attracted but they aren’t destined. In fact they are lucky to even get mentioned. I walk these streets daily and see the races unite The Goths aren’t the only who choose to isolate The voice of the crowd mumbles into noisy chaos. The thoughts of the few independent are crushed. I go along walking to find a pocket of a chosen few. Those young gifted talents still play in silence too. Is this nature’s destiny, a dumbing of the culture? Are we just dead meat on the block of the butcher? SHOUT, SCREAM at the top of your lungs you fool. But you won’t, because you have been schooled. Act the part of a door knob and be turned again. You’re where you are, and where you’re destined. Lyrics by Dave Schipper © 2007 Rose Riversongs Music by Kim Niemi Davidson © 2007
Pharmakon 02:52
I will be your Pharmakon Keep you well when the day is young Light your light, just like the sun Steal your breath when day is done love… like a poison September.. is going going gone I will be your remedy bring you up and help you seek Hold you close and set you free Promise what I can not keep Buried deep….is a quiet seed Winter comes, and all the small creatures sleep Instrumental… I will be your rising moon Across the water calling loon Here and there but leaving soon Lonely and pining for you love…. you’re a fickle go home you drunk.. you wondering fool by Siri Undlin (Humbird)
No Regrets 02:59
From the moment that I found you beauty filled the skies stars in my eyes Take my hand and walk with me Up the bluff side N’wait til the morning rise Wounded heart bare your soul to me Butterfly catch the wind go free Smile, laugh shake you hair of red Nothing ventured and no regrets Years will pass and oaks will grow Higher than our dreams Sturdy by the stream We’ll walk again up the path Yes slower this time During the sun shine (c) 2019 Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs
Scotch 03:05
written by Tim Kolek & Paul Oelfke


This album is how I saw the pandemic, as an opportunity. First as an opportunity to record and add tracks from a distance. Second as a chance to remix a few old releases for their first time on Bandcamp. Finally as a chance to release some of my favorite covers that we play live. Yes that took paying for some licensing costs, but to me it was well worth it to have the songs in the general public.

The Man in the Long Black Coat: (Bob Dylan)

This is one of my favorite Dylan track, and Randy Sabien's fiddle takes you to the dark side of the backwaters. Living in Wisconsin we might not have crocs but we do have scary backwaters, creepy people who promote the Bible, and missing people. You all come back now, you hear.

Crossing the Line: (Dave Schipper)

As I was putting this cd together this song was sitting there as a weed out from the Dave Zeman Gypsy Soul CD I really like this and heck for today's environment it was a wall to climb.

To Make You Feel My Love: (Bob Dylan)

When I was asked to back up Katie Johnson singing for a wedding for her friend, I had to learn a Dylan song that I did not have much appreciation. I found it was pretty popular covered by Garth Brooks and Adele. Katie asked for a recording to practice with during the week; and it netted me with a voice that I had to do something with along the line. She's got a great voice. Recorded it in a duet style, and Katie is so cool to give me permission to release.

To Feel the Likes: (Dave Schipper)

Randy Sabien said in concert that Love Songs many times fall into two categories, Whiners or Stalkers. The original "To Make you Feel My Love" has many stalker type images. It needed a parody, and here it is. The first line tying it to Facebook was when I told a friend (Jessie McDonald) I tag her so much, she must be bruised. I really thought it would be hilarious if I could get Adele to sign it, so I asked Sofia Talvik. She said yes!

One More Cup of Coffee: (Bob Dylan)

Another Lucky Dog Dylan cover standard in our sets. Just had to license it and put it out for the world. Call me lucky because way before the pandemic I had a chance to record dogette Lynn Konsela on the harmony. I’ve always loved the feel of the bouzouki on this song.

Most of the While (Natalie Gelman / Charlie Midnight)

Being a house concert host, I get many artists asking as they come through town if we can do an impromtu concert. The answer is almost always no, because of activating the audience. I normally recommended a great coffee house called The Root Note, which is where I first met Natalie Gelman and we've been friends ever since. This song started when I was making a ton of videos. I've putzed with the original a little and decided to make this her officially paid licensed song. (At least I think so... many more to come.) She has recently been signed by a label... watch out she's a rising star. Licensed Cover from Harry Fox Agency.

Swordfishtrombone (Tom Waits)

Lori and I did a Music and Mountain vacation trip a few years back and heard two wonderful musicians busking in the Boulder plaza, and when they covered this Tom Waits song it was the first time I heard it. They played it with such a gypsy feel. I quickly learned it and memorized the words and the story. This was the first song I asked Randy to add a fiddle, and oh my this takes me back to Boulder.

Crazy Enough : (Dave Schipper)

This is my most John Prine style song; all of the verses are true or mostly.

Flowers of the Forest : (Dave Schipper)

Here's the reimagined traditional song that I was lucky enough to get the big voice of Nicola Maria O'Donnell to sing on via the internet WAY back when MySpace was where it was cool to hang out. It was on the Dave Zeman "Gypsy Soul" and this is a remix with a fuller sound.

Opposite Destiny : (Kim Niemi Davidson / Dave Schipper)

This was written back in the days of MySpace, and I had a bad day and was waiting for my son during his piano lesson. I posted it later that week and to my surprise Kim Niemi (Davidson) read it and put a melody and sent me a draft cut. I still marvel at the spontaneous collaboration. This was released on Dave Zeman "Gypsy Soul" but it has been remixed fuller.

Pharmakon (Sir Undlin - Humbird)

On a flyer I wondered if I could cover an artist I love and admire, Humbird. I took on one of my favorites, look her up she really is good.

No Regrets (Dave Schipper)

I've played the Canon for a long time, and even as a solo guitarist at weddings. Recently my wife is learning to play piano and plays this song. One evening I thought of putting an ode for her together with this melody. It's a song that grows old from one verse to the other; well over 40 years now and no regrets. I did ask and got a resounding yes to have my favorite local music teacher and fellow church bandmate Erin Robinson to play the piano. For a women steeped in music theory, she has a knack of improvisation that I really love; and she let it play out in a song that she has played numerous times in weddings too.

Bonus Cuts:

Scotch (Tim Kolek / Paul Oelfke)

This was a Tim Kolek original that was in many a Rose River set list. I took a recording he made in his basement added a djembe, harp and a drunk harmony. Tim wrote this with a buddy Paul Oelfke in college. The love of scotch has not gone away from any of us, I think that's why the song speaks to me. Ha Join at noon.

You are my Sunshine: (Traditional)

This song is always a favorite of you dogette Sue Heilman, and while she couldn't get her voice on the pandemic recording that was all about contributed vocals and instruments. It was for the Great River Folk Fest goal of sharing to Care Facilities to have music. While the DVD's did have technical difficulties we did get to share it via a great video.


released February 1, 2021

Randy Sabien - Fiddle on Man in Long Black Coat and Swordfish Trombone
Lynn Konsela - Harmonies One more cup of Coffee, You are my Sunshine,
Katie Johnson - Duet vocals on To Make me Feel Your Love
Sofa Talvik - Vocals and Keyboard on To Feel the Likes
Nicola Maria O'Donnell - Vocals on Flowers of the Forest
Kim Niemi Davidson - Vocals and guitar on Opposite Destiny
Tim Kolek - Accordion on Sunshine, Vocals & Instruments on Scotch
Susan Nash & Lori Schipper - Chorus on You are my Sunshine
Jay Dalberg - Bass on You are My Sunshine.
Erin Robinson - Piano on No Regrets


all rights reserved



Lucky Dog Holmen, Wisconsin

Lucky Dog starts with Dave Schipper and then add in Sue Heilman & Lynn Konsela plus a mix of friends, original music, Americana covers and even some country song lyrics. This website is a great way to find the song lyrics and keep posted on news. We have an active Facebook page so please like us for updates on new gigs, releases, and maybe we'll throw you just some bones too. ... more

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